Suicide- Proof Gifts #3


Suicide- Proof Gifts is a novel I have been working on, based around the correspondence between a husband and wife: Richard and Josephine. Richard is in a psychiatric hospital, whilst Josephine has begun a new life in the outside world. Their letters focus on the two very different worlds they currently live in and how they are drifting further apart. They also often dwell on how Richard came to be in his position.

I hope to publish one letter each week on this blog and eventually build up to the entire novel.


Suicide-Proof Gifts #3

Dear Richard,

I sent the ipod with this letter. I put on a ‘Best of the 80s’ CD as you didn’t ask for anything more specific. I put some indie music on there too. I know you said nothing modern, but I didn’t put anything on that was likely to be put on the music channels. It’s mostly ‘Slow Club’; ‘Laura Marling’; ‘Damien Rice’; ‘AWOLNATION’; and ‘Patrick Wolf’. I hope it helps you block things out. I know how much music used to mean to you.

I have a gift that I plan to send to you next week. I just need to check with the staff about it first.

I’m not even replying to your requests to see me. I’ve already answered that many, many times.

Yes I still love you too, more as a brother than anything else. You know exactly what you did. You know why that means I can’t be with you.

I’ve finally started watching ‘Mad Men’. You were right- I do love it. It’s making it hard to stick to being an ex-smoker though. I’m still going to buy you season 6 as soon as it comes out on DVD. They do let you have DVDs don’t they? If not then they can always supervise you with it.

Why don’t you tell me what you’ve been up to in your next letter. I know they run activities there. I hope you’re taking part in at least some of them. You must have met some interesting people too.

All my love,





  1. I love this and hope that you do finish the novel! Great concept.

    1. Thanks!!! I’m going to keep posting a new letter every Wednesday so keep an eye out 🙂

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