Monthly Archives: October 2013

Rhythm in Theatre (a review of ‘The Secret Agent’ performed at Northern Stage)

Rhythm in ‘The Secret Agent’ It was haunting. A blue spotlight and a limber woman in a floating dress, was all Theatre O needed to create a highly disturbing image. It was the image of a woman slowly drowning; bumping gently against the sea bed as she sank. An image that not only froze the […]

Susan Lincoln (At the Biscuit Factory)

Dates:  September 2013 onwards Painting in the isolation of the Cumbrian countryside, has allowed Susan Lincoln a unique viewpoint. She uses her rural surroundings to inform her own stylized and brightly coloured world. Her sweeping hills and forests of round trees are mostly populated by whimsical animals mounted on elongated legs and with luminous bodies. […]

Probabtion- A Short Story

Probation     When it started everyone pretended it wasn’t happening. Even when the numbers of disappearances were broadcast on the news, they were meaningless figures. That was until someone they loved themselves didn’t come home.       My father did come home. By the time he got to our door he was on his knees. He […]

Art Zine

I have written a Art Zine and it is available over etsy. It features surreal drawings and comics in mixed media.

Suicide-Proof Gifts # 8

Jo. Callum’s gone and I’m stuck here. R.