Azra Page (yes I know you know that’s me) has just published an ebook. Catharsis is a collection of ‘found’ poems, diary entires and a play script about mental health and the psychiatric system in the UK. It is brutally honest in its gaze over a variety of mental health issues.

The ‘found’ poems are made out of quotes from Azra’s medical notes whilst she was in the system. They are accompanied by Azra’s drawings and diary entries during the period the notes cover. The play that forms the second part of the book was written soon after she was released from hospital and looks at the ‘Flat Space’ between remission and relapse in mental illness.

It is only 77p ($0.99) for a limited amount of time, and is avaliable from amazon here: .

It will make an interesting read for anyone with a mental health issue; or anyone that wants to learn about the experience of madness. However it may be triggering for some people, so take care.


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