I am experimenting in preparation for a project involving 3D collages and ceramic dolls. The theme for the project is female identity issues (especially in borderline personality disorder). The first layer of the collage is made up of ripped up pages from Mills and Boons books. Here are a couple of photos, but it really is […]

Watercolour into sketchbook

Watercolour and Sharpie on cartridge paper.

Acrylic painting on canvas and mirror

I have Twitter…but I don’t know how to use it. https://twitter.com/AzraGonnet Please take a look anyway.

Hello! there has a break for a few weeks from ‘Suicide-Proof Gifts’ but it’s back now. Jo and Richard have had an argument (why is revealed in this new letter). Jo won’t write to Richard and has been lying about not being allowed to visit Richard. Here it is- letter #9: Josephine, I tried to write a poem […]

Rhythm in ‘The Secret Agent’ It was haunting. A blue spotlight and a limber woman in a floating dress, was all Theatre O needed to create a highly disturbing image. It was the image of a woman slowly drowning; bumping gently against the sea bed as she sank. An image that not only froze the […]